Cancellation Policy

Your order for medicines or other healthcare products can be easily processed within the order detail section. In another case, it can be done with the help of our customer support as well.

However, we do understand that there might be times when you need to cancel your placed order. But that’s quite OK, because such things can happen for several reasons. In turn, strives to offer you a simple process to let you cancel your product easily. 

You are liable to cancel the prescription refill up to 24 hr before the scheduled pick-up.

In case of non-prescription orders can be cancelled up to 24 hours after the order has been placed.

How to cancel the order?

When you are looking to cancel the order, this requires you to reach our customer support or you can connect via email.

You can reach through your account as well, but that is possible if the order is within the cancellation limit. Else we recommend you to contact our customer support, tell them the product you wish to cancel and other asked details.

They in turn will help you to cancel your product easily and initiate your refund (if paid already).

In this manner, you will be able to get through the entire process smoothly without any hassle right from your home.

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