Return & Refund

Applicability of our policy

With our policy while visiting the website you agree to our terms and condition. Also you must note that we from time to time can implement changes to our policy.

So, every time you wish to visit or buy from our website you must check return, refund and other policy to make sure that you are guided or informed with everything beforehand.

This way you can easily take sound decision.

Return policy takes every approach to solve all of your queries no matter what it is. We deal with product-specific return and refund policies.

  • In case if the product delivered is spoiled.
  • You ordered something and you have been delivered something else.
  • The quantity you have ordered has not been delivered.

All of the cases will be covered for all our customers and in turn, make up an easy way to undertake a definite health.

If you have been to any of the above-mentioned conditions then you can easily reach us to return your parcel and get a refund for it. This requires you to follow some simple steps and get sorted in a few hours to minutes.

All you need is to reach our customer support or email us while sharing your requirements. Ensure that you share the complete information about what your problem is.

Once everything is verified on our end, we process the steps to easily help you get your problem solved with the product.

Refund policy

At Medzsquare we do our best to ensure that you get complete facility and satisfaction with our products. However, there are certain circumstances in which you may be required to contact the refund policy:

  • If you have received any defective item
  • Your order is either lost or damaged while in transit.
  • You might have received a product that has extended its expiry date.

In another case, most of the refunds and returns may vary on the circumstances as well. So, when any request comes within us, our team ensure to perform a complete survey before going with the process.

Also, the mode of payment will return will also vary, as it might take 7-10 business days can be taken within us to refund the actual amount. If there has been a delay from the side of the bank then we cannot help you with that process.

Once the bank comes into process the amount initiated within us will be credited to your account automatically.

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